Best car accident lawyers in Tampa

Top 5 Best car accident lawyers in Tampa


The statistics regarding car accidents in the city of Tampa shows that more than thousands of people are severely injured or lose their life due to car accidents. The latest record of casualties has been recorded as 200 and 16068 people had been severely injured. 

Some of the major reasons for car accidents in the city of Tampa are observed To Be Drunk driving. Due to drunk driving, approximately 20 people have lost their lives as of the latest report and more than 250 people have been severely injured. Other factors which lead to a car accident or dangerous roads – it is also one of the main reasons for causing car accident; Mini roads in the city of Champa are considered accident-prone, distracted driving, not following safety rules, etc

Car accidents are very tragic. After a car accident both the parties involved in the accident have to experience a lot of trouble. Starting from Getting their own medical treatment to climbing compensation insurance money etc. Therefore hiring an attorney is the best decision in this situation. 

Reasons for hiring a lawyer

There are multiple reasons for hiring a lawyer. The foremost is they make the case filed by an individual strong. They help in getting the proper settlement amount. They make it easy to get insurance from the insurance company, etc.  

One should hire a lawyer immediately after a car accident, irrespective of the fact that the damage caused by a car accident is major or minor.

Tampa and its laws on car accidents

The city of Tampa follows the laws of the state of Florida regarding car accidents. As Florida is a no-fault car insurance state therefore Tampa is also a no-fault car insurance city. In Tampa, an individual can claim the insurance immediately and efficiently after a car accident as their own insurance pays for their medical bills and other economic losses. 

The victim party can file a lawsuit and can recover damages for non-economic

 losses like mental trauma, emotional stress, pain, and suffering under Florida’s no-fault rules. 

Every car owner in Tampa should have personal injury protection which eventually covers them in case they face an accident. Property damage liability is also insurance that a car owner must have in order to cover damages done to someone else’s vehicle in an accident caused by them. 

In Tampa, the personal injury protection gives coverage to the policyholder’s children, members of the policyholder household, and the passengers in that particular vehicle of the car owner who lacks their own personal injury protection insurance and does not have their own car. 

In any case, the term ‘serious injury’ is very important to establish.  The term ‘serious injury’ has been defined by the Florida state laws which mean there must be significant and permanent loss of an important part of the body, permanent injury,  significant disfigurement, or death.

Referrals of the best car accident lawyers in the city of Tampa

The referrals are mentioned below:

  1. Whittel & Melton
  2. Winegar Law Injury Lawyers
  3. Amethyst Law Group
  4. Armando Personal Injury Law 
  5. Dennis Hernandez & Associates PA 

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