Best car accident lawyers in San Diego

Best car accident lawyers in San Diego

San Diego is considered to be one of the most congested cities. The number of traffic deaths due to car accidents in San Diego has increased over the past years. The main cause of car accidents has been observed to be the dangerous roads of San Diego.

Governments and lawmakers have been putting their effort in order to prevent car accidents in this congested City.  Car accidents bring damage not only to property but also to the lives of people. At times people experience permanent injuries which change their lives forever.  After a car accident, various types of Insurance claim compensation and medical coverage filing lawsuits are required to be done. Thus it is always advised to hire a lawyer in this regard. 

When one should hire an attorney

One should hire an attorney immediately after a car accident. Some cities have certain time bard laws regarding claiming compensation or filing lawsuits. Thus, it is always advisable to hire an attorney as soon as possible after a car accident. 

Parties at fault should definitely hire a lawyer otherwise they will have to face the burden of unreasonable compensation and at times their license may also be canceled permanently. Hiring a lawyer will also make it easier for them to recover their damages. 

Victims of car accidents should also hire a lawyer because climbing insurance money or framing the case is not an easy cup of tea.

San Diego and its car accident laws

San Diego is technically not a no-fault state.  A no-fault state means that the driver of the car who is injured in a car accident has to file a claim for compensation for their injuries and the other driver’s insurance will pay the compensation. 

In San Diego the injured party can file a claim and the other driver’s insurance will pay the compensation. However, the drivers can still retain their right to sue for additional damages. 

Thus San Diego is an at-fault state.  This means the insurance company will pay for the damages sustained according to the extent of the fault of each party. 

The party who caused the accident will be held responsible for the damages to the victim party.  The party at-fault insurance company will pay the victim party but if the insured individual does not agree with the amount of compensation the victim party can file a lawsuit and seek uncompensated damages. 

Criteria for choosing the best car accident lawyer

  • When choosing a lawyer look for the past experience that any friend and family have gone through.  Take their suggestions and act accordingly. 
  • Always look for reviews if searching on Google. 
  • Try to hire a lawyer who fulfills your purpose.
  • Keep in mind the budget you have fixed

Best car accident lawyers in San Diego

  1. Pines Salomon Injury Lawyers APC
  2. Harlan Law PC
  3.  Jurewitz Law Group
  4. Compass Law Grou
  5. Law Offices of Samer Habbas & Associates

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