Best car accident lawyers in New Jersey

Best car accident lawyers in New Jersey

The traffic deaths in New Jersey have been reportedly observed to be slightly declining in the past years. However, this does not mean that the traffic deaths are less in New Jersey. Approximately 2900 people lost their lives due to car accidents.  Around 8 people every day lose their lives due to car accidents.

The main cause of car accidents in New Jersey is believed to be distracted driving. Other causes include rash driving, drunk driving, etc. Accidents cause terrible damage to the property and serious injuries to the persons in the car.  After a car accident, the parties claim insurance compensation, medical coverage, etc, and therefore they require a lawyer.  Through this article, we will try to analyze the reasons for hiring a lawyer in case of a car accident. 

Why and when should one look for a lawyer in case of a car accident?

More or less we all have an idea of what a car accident can do. From very insignificant damage or injury, it can also lead to serious and permanent damage. Car accidents not only cause destruction to property but also cause injuries to people.  At times people even lose their life. Any person who has unfortunately experienced a car accident should definitely hire a lawyer.  It doesn’t matter whether the damages are minor or major.  The guidance of a lawyer in case of a car accident is very crucial.

Lawyers guide in various ways starting from climbing the right insurance benefits, asking for the right compensation, framing the case and the list goes on. 

New Jersey and its car accident laws

The laws of New Jersey make it mandatory for the driver of the car to report any car accident that involves any kind of injury, death, or property damage which is estimated to be an accident $500. The laws of New Jersey also require that within 10 days of reporting the accident a written report should also need to be filed.

New Jersey is a no-fault state,  therefore you respective of the fact who was responsible for the car accident the insurance provider has to pay for the medical bills and other expenses according to the coverage limit.  

The owners of the car are mandatorily required to have personal injury protection in their insurance policy.  This insurance policy covers when one is injured in a car accident.  If the injury sustained is to session extent that it exceeds the coverage amount in the insurance policy then the victim party can file a claim against the party at fault. However personal injury protection does not include noneconomic damages like pain and suffering, disfigurement, mental stress, etc.  For getting compensation in these regards one has to claim against the party at fault. 

New Jersey follows the modified comparative negligence rule which means if both the parties are responsible for the car accident and it is observed that a party is more than 50% at fault then they cannot receive compensation. 

New Jersey also follows the statute of limitations for a car accident. Generally from the date of the accident within 2 years, one has to file a lawsuit. 

Best car accident lawyers in New Jersey

  1. Freeman Law Center LLC 
  2. Agrapidis & Maroules PC 
  3. Aiello, Harris, Marth, Tunnero & Schiffman PC
  4. Bagolie Friedman Injury Lawyers
  5. Brandon J. Broderick, Attorney at Law 

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