Best car accident lawyer in Yakima

Top 5 Best car accident lawyer in Yakima

Yakima county is believed to be one of the most dangerous places to drive. It is so because the number of traffic accidents is too high. Approximately one out of 3 car accidents result in casualty. This has become a very concerning situation for the residents of  Yakima county. The common causes of car accidents are speeding, impaired driving, distracted driving, drunk driving, etc.

Car accidents cause huge damage to property. It also causes serious injuries to the persons in the car.  Some damages are injuries that might be very minute and some become permanent in nature.

After a car accident,  parties claim insurance money, compensation, medical charges, etc, but these are not very easy tasks.  Thus hiring a lawyer is advisable. 

Why and when should one look for a lawyer in case of a car accident?

Whatever be the consequence of a car accident one should always hire a lawyer. Especially the parties at fault to definitely hire a lawyer.  

Hiring a lawyer is crucial because we are the ones who will help you to get the correct compensation,  medical coverage, and insurance money. Even if you are responsible for causing the car accident the lawyers can also help you to get damages if the law permits. They also bring weightage to the case. 

Yakima and its car accident laws

Yakima County follows Washington state laws.  Therefore, Yakima County is a comparative fault state. This means that when compensation for damages is determined; all the parties who are responsible for car accidents will be taken into consideration. The minimum personal insurance policy in Yakima County is $10000. However, it is the discretion of the individual to add more to the insurance policy.

In case an individual compensation amount exceeds the minimum amount of personal insurance policy coverage or they do not have enough money in the insurance then they can go for uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage or health insurance. 

In cases of claiming compensation if one is successful in proving the essential elements of a car accident claim then they will be able to recover damages. One can recover damages in both economic form and noneconomic form. 

In Yakima County, there is a three-year limit on compensation claims.  The time begins from the date of the accident. 

Criteria for choosing the best car accident lawyer

Just after an accident, it is quite difficult to sit and choose for several days the best car accident lawyer in the city. It even becomes more difficult when the laws of the city regarding compensation claims become time-barred. However, you need not worry.  Here some tips are mentioned that one can follow when choosing a car accident lawyer. 

The foremost task that one should do while choosing a lawyer is to look for references from friends and family. They can give you honest feedback. Now some people might not have the advantage of getting referrals from friends and families, they can search on Google and focus on the reviews and choose the lawyer accordingly. Also, hire a lawyer with suits your purpose. Also after analyzing the market prices fix your budget and choose accordingly

Best car accident lawyer in Yakima County

  1. Gierth Law Firm
  2. Gilbert Law Firm
  3. The Ledger Law Firm
  4. Dubin Law Group
  5. Colburn Law

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