Best car accident lawyer in phoenix

Best car accident lawyer in phoenix

Car accidents in Phoenix are very common. Study shows that there have been more than 1250 00 road accidents in Phoenix annually. There are almost three casualties each day from car accidents and more than 100 people get severely injured in car accidents.  Some injuries become irreparable. The major reasons for car accidents are believed to be distracted driving, drunk driving,  rash driving,  tailgating, improper turns, lane changes,  bad road conditions, etc. 

As already mentioned,  car accidents cause serious injuries and even death. It goes without saying that the vehicle also gets severely damaged. After an accident, the family of the victim goes through a lot and they have no such proper time to deal with all the complexities of insurance claims, compensation claims, medical compensation, etc. Therefore hiring a lawyer is the most appropriate decision at this time. 

When and why one should look for a lawyer in case of a car accident

As already stated above car accidents cause serious damage and injuries. It not only causes damage to the vehicle but also at times causes permanent injury to the victim. Hiring an attorney in case of a car accident is a very wise decision irrespective of the fact that the injury is minor or serious. Parties at fault should especially hire an attorney otherwise they will not be able to claim their insurance money and will also have to give an unreasonable amount of compensation. 

Phoenix and its laws regarding car accidents

The laws regarding car accidents have been analyzed briefly.

  • Statute of limitations

Phoenix follows Arizona state laws regarding car accidents.  Phoenix has a strict deadline for filing a lawsuit.  Now the deadline is based on the extent of bodily injury.  Generally, for filing any civil case against another party for injuries or death the deadline is for 2 years from the date of the accident. The strictness of the deadline is to such an extent that even 12 hours passed the deadline the court will dismiss the case. 

  • Comparative negligence

In certain types of car accidents, there is particularly one party at fault. In such cases, such a party through his or her insurer will be responsible for the victim’s medical bills, damages to the vehicle, lost wages, etc. Phoenix also practices a pure comparative fault rule which means if both parties are at fault the compensation will be shared by each party on the basis of the injury caused. For example, a party who is at 80% fault will be entitled to only 20% of the total damages and have to also reimburse the other party for the 80% of the damages caused. 

  • Insurance

Car insurance is compulsory in Phoenix. The owner of any car must maintain a certain amount of liability insurance to operate the vehicle legally on the roads.  

Criteria for finding the best lawyer in Phoenix

The primary criterion is to look for referrals from friends and families who have prior experience working with a car accident lawyer. Another criterion is to look for an expert in the field where you want to get relief. Also, set up a budget and choose accordingly.

Best lawyers in Phoenix

  1. Gary Phillips Accident Law Professionals
  2. Breyer Law offices
  3. Burch & Cracchiolo 
  4. Cullan & Cullan
  5. Jackson White Attorneys 


It is firmly advised to hire a lawyer irrespective of the fact that the damages are minor or major or whether injuries are serious or not. An attorney can only help one to get the proper justice and rescue from the legal complications that may arise. The laws of a car accident are time-barred in Phoneix so it is advisable to hire an attorney in case of a car accident.

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