Best car accident lawyer in Philadelphia

Best car accident lawyer in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of the busiest cities in the world. It is believed that it is the sixth most populated city in the whole world. Eventually, the degree of commute on the roads is high and the range of traffic deaths is also observed to be increasing. Study shows that there have been approximately 10,108 traffic deaths in the past year. Almost 63% of car accidents have been observed to be in casualty and serious injuries.

Car accidents not only cause injuries to the persons in the car but also cause damage to property. Often parties get involved in legal complications. Therefore, hiring an attorney is a wise decision. Through this article, we will be analyzing when and why one should hire a lawyer in case of a car accident, and also certain referrals of the best lawyers and law firms in Philadelphia will be given.

When and why one should look for a lawyer in case of a car accident

Car accidents can be of various degrees. Some can be minor in nature while others can be serious and permanent.  The question which arises in one’s mind when one, unfortunately, faces any car accident is to should they hire a lawyer or not.  The answer is they should hire a lawyer irrespective of the fact that there is a minor injury or severe injury.  

Lawyers are beneficial in every aspect of getting proper justice.  To state a few benefits some of them are

  • Negotiating a reasonable amount for compensation
  • Claiming insurance
  • Getting proper medical coverage
  • Help in a litigation case. 

Philadelphia and its car accident laws

Philadelphia follows Pennsylvania state laws. This means Philadelphia can be stated as a no-fault insurance state. In a no-fault insurance state once on car insurance will be for the treatment cost of a car accident irrespective of the fact who was at fault. 

In case the party is at fault and also experiences any damage or serious injury they are also entitled to get medical treatment under one’s automobile insurance policy. However, they will not be able to pursue any lawsuit against the other party. 

In Philadelphia, the minimum amount of liability insurance that a car owner must have is $15000. If a party is a victim of such a party whose insurance amount is less than the coverage required then the victim party can pursue a claim for underinsured motorist benefits under one’s own insurance policy. 

Criteria for selecting the best car accident lawyer in Philadelphia

There are various criteria for selecting the best car accident lawyer or law firm in the city of Philadelphia.  Below some tips and tricks are mentioned in order to select the best attorney in case you face a car accident. 

  • Before selecting any lawyer, ask for referrals from friends and family who have dealt with any car accident lawyer in the past. These honest experiences will help you in choosing the best lawyer
  • The Internet is everyone’s best friend now.  Google search is one of the first tasks which should be done when choosing a lawyer.  Especially look for reviews. 
  • Understand your case first. Decide whether you want a personal injury lawyer, a criminal lawyer, or someone to guide you from scratch and proceed accordingly. 
  • Set up a budget for yourself after looking at the market prices. 

Best car accident lawyers in Philadelphia

  1. Fox Law, PC
  2. Brod injury law firms
  3. Aversa & Linn
  4. Benedum Law
  5. The Levin Firm

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