best car accident lawyer in orlando

Top 5 best car accident lawyer in orlando

After an accident, hiring an accident lawyer guarantees that the sufferer is not led adrift by various proposals. A lawyer with skills will recommend the best and most suitable options available for the client and will work hard to ensure that their clients receive the compensation that they deserve.

There are some reliable and great firms in Orlando, Florida.


  • Dan Newlin Injury Attorneys  

Attorney Dan Newlin has been working relentlessly for his clients. He has a record of obtaining a $24 million dollar verdict for the family of a police officer in Orlando. Currently, his law firm is one of the largest law firms in the USA, located in central Florida with a staff of 80 expert attorneys and 300 support staff. Dan Newlin Injury Attorneys has been voted as the Best Law firm by Orlando Sentinel and Orlando Business Journal.

  • The Unmasky Law Firm

This is a law firm in Orlando, led by William D. Unmasky. He has an experience of more than two decades in (as he quotes) “second chances” to the clients who did not get justice. The law firm has the best criminal defense and personal injury attorneys who help the victims navigate the whole justice process until the end.

  • Germain Law Firm 

Germain law firm was founded by Attorney Michael B. Germain who has been dedicated to litigating insurance claims after the accidents and making sure that the people get insured for what they own. The firm has several offices in the entire state of Florida.

  • Ali & Blankner Firm

Ali & Blankner is a criminal defense firm in Florida. They have been serving since 1986 and helping people who faced criminal charges. Ali & Blankner are known to be quite passionate about the shielding of the rights to life of the people being charged of criminal allegations.

  • Morgan & Morgan 

Morgan & Morgan law firm has been fighting for car accident victims since 1988. They proudly claim themselves on being able to get their clients the insurance money that they deserve. They charge for the case only if it goes in the favour of the victim. Hence, there are no fees charged by the hour.

  • Leppard Law 

The attorneys at the Leppard Law: Orlando DUI Lawyers and Criminal Defence Attorneys PLLC are best known for their legal skills and experience. The firm’s founder, Joel Leppard is recognized as the “Superb Attorney”. Leppard Law firm consists of the best criminal defense attorneys in Orlando, Florida.

  • The Jaspon Firm

Jeremiah Jaspon’s law firm, the Jaspon Firm has been serving with the best personal injury lawyers in Orlando and Central Florida. The firm strongly stands up for what is best suitable for its clients. They believe in fighting till the last minute to get the case in favor of their clients.

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