Best car accident lawyer in New York City

Best car accident lawyer in New York City

New york city is considered one of the fastest cities in the world. It is one of the most congested cities in the world. Though the government takes various measures to prevent any kind of accidents in the streets, the number of traffic deaths has been observed to increase. In 2022, New York City traffic deaths have reached their highest peak compared to the last eight years.

Even lawmakers have been trying to include more laws that would prevent any road accidents. Any kind of accident brings both mental and physical damage. At times, injuries or damages become permanent. Some also get involved in legal complications. Therefore, hiring an attorney is the best decision in such times. Through this article, we will be stating some tips and tricks regarding when and how to choose the correct lawyer in case of a car accident in New York City.

When and why one should look for a lawyer in case of a car accident

Car accidents range from negligible injuries to both the vehicle and the person to serious injuries to both the vehicle and the person. However, one should hire a lawyer in every case of a car accident.  Parties at fault should definitely hire an attorney because they can guide them in claiming insurance money as well as rescue them from paying unreasonable amounts of compensation. Hiring a lawyer is beneficial in many ways. Some of the benefits are mentioned below

  • If a lawyer is hired, then the case framing regarding the car accident will have much more weightage than without a lawyer. 
  • Claiming insurance is a very complicated process, thus hiring an attorney would make it easier.
  • Claiming compensation is one of the essential tasks. Now, various factors are required to be looked upon in order to settle the compensation charges. In this regard, a lawyer is the only person who can make the client give or take the correct settlement charges.

New York City and its car accident laws

New York city in most cases has a three-year deadline for filing any lawsuits regarding car accidents. In New York, there is a rule named pure comparative fault which means that New York city allows financial recovery even if the Clement was partly or even more than partly responsible for causing the accident.

New York cities have no-fault car insurance date for after a car accident one needs to file a claim under personal injury protection coverage to get any kind of compensation for medical bills and other financial losses irrespective of the fact of who was responsible for causing the car accident. 

Criteria for finding the best lawyer

Hiring a good lawyer is very crucial. Some of the criteria are mentioned below:

Believe in reviews

Be it from a google search or hearing experiences from friends or families, the experience speaks the best in case of choosing the right attorney.

Expertise in the field

Hire only such a lawyer who is an expert in the field where you want to get relief.


Look that your attorney charges should not overpower your compensation amount.

Best car accident lawyer in New York City

Below are some of the referrals of the best car accident lawyers in New York City.

  1. Steven Miller
  2. Adam Cahn
  3. David Klein
  4. Eric Green
  5. Steven Seiden


The laws of New York City are time-barred regarding the compensation or filing lawsuits or claiming insurance in case of a car accident. Therefore, acting at the proper time and at the proper pace to get benefits can be only done by a lawyer.

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