Best car accident lawyer in Miami

Best car accident lawyer in Miami

Car accidents are observed to be at an alarming rate in Miami. Statistics show that Miami of Miami Dade County is one of those cities that has reported major traffic deaths in the recent past years. It has also been observed that out of every six car accidents in Florida, one car accident happens in Miami.

This shows that car accidents are unfortunately common in Miami. Now, car accidents not only cause physical and mental trauma to the person but also cause damage to the vehicle. At times, the person also gets involved in legal battles. Therefore, consulting a lawyer is the best decision at that time. This article deals with some of the tips and referrals of the best car accident lawyers in Miami. 

When and why one should look for a lawyer in case of a car accident

As we all know car accidents can cause very minor damages to irreparable damages. Sometimes a car accident can also involve casualty or serious injuries. Parties at fault should definitely hire an attorney otherwise they might face serious charges and also have to pay heavy compensation. Parties who are even though not at fault should also hire an attorney as certain insurance claims or framing cases will not be an easy cup of tea, especially when going through mental trauma. At that time, an expert mind can benefit you in several ways. 

Hiring an attorney is beneficial in several ways, for example, they can frame the case in such a way that will benefit the client in the highest possible ways, or they can make the clients claim insurance irrespective of being at fault or not, or they can help the parties get medical compensation or can litigate when required, etc. 

Miami and its laws regarding car accidents

One of the essential points that every citizen of Miami has to keep in mind is that the compensation for a car accident is barred by the statute of limitations. In general terms, it means that one can claim insurance or compensation only for a certain period of time, after that claiming any compensation will become invalid. And also during this period of time, they can file any lawsuit otherwise after the period is over the case will not have any value before the eyes of the court. The exact time period for claiming compensation is based on the damages involved in the car accident. For example, if a person in a car accident is injured, he or she will have four years to file a personal injury lawsuit. In case a casualty is involved in a car accident, the time period becomes much smaller. 

Criteria for finding the best lawyer

Hiring a good lawyer is very crucial in order to gain proper justice. Some of the criteria are mentioned below:

  • Review is the key– Be it from a google search or hearing experiences from friends or families, the experience speaks the best in case of choosing the right attorney.
  • Expertise– Hire only such a lawyer who is an expert in the field where you want to get relief.
  • Budget– Look that your attorney charges should not overpower your compensation amount.

Best car accident lawyers in Miami

  1. Morgan & Morgan
  2. The Florida Law Group
  3. Hickey Law firm, PA
  4. Jontiff & Jontiff
  5. Boyers Law Group


If you are living in Miami and face an unfortunate car accident, it is earnestly advisable to hire an attorney. The laws of Miami are time-barred regarding the compensation in case of a car accident. Therefore, acting at the proper time and at the proper pace to get benefits can be only done by a lawyer. 

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