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Top 5 Best car accident lawyer in Maryland


The traffic deaths in the city of Maryland are observed to be slightly increased than in the past years. Approximately 153 reported fatal crashes due to car accidents as of February 2022. The number of casualties approximately as of 5th February 2022 is recorded as 165. On a 5 your average the number of fatal crashes is observed to be approximately 506, injury crashes 32321, property damages 80249, and total crashes 113076.

Any type of accident is very tragic. It brings destruction to both properties as well as living beings. Both the parties involved in a car accident suffer a lot. During this time it is also essential to claim the compensation, insurance, etc. Thus, hiring an attorney is advised. 

When and why one should look for an attorney in case of a car accident

Car accidents can be of various types. Some might have a negligible amount of damage or injury, while some might have serious damage or injury. However, an individual in any case of a car accident should higher a lawyer regardless of the fact whether the damage is major or minor. 

Hiring a lawyer is very important because they can guide accurately in achieving the relief. They understand the law better and therefore they can frame the case in such a way that would benefit us. Cleaning insurance is a very complicated task especially if we are at fault and at that time a lawyer’s guidance can only help us. Getting the correct amount of compensation is also a massive struggle. Lawyers can help us in negotiating the correct settlement amount. 

Maryland and its law regarding car accidents

Maryland has a statute of limitations. Therefore an individual who is involved in a car accident can file for a legal claim of compensation within 3 years from the date of the accident. If an individual fails to file a lawsuit before the deadline then they could be barred by the laws of Maryland from getting their compensation forever. 

However, death claims also have three-year time limits but the time limit starts from the date of death and not the date of the accident. If a person is mentally incapable during the car accident or due to the car accident then the time limit starts only after that concerned person is legally competent. 

Maryland is an at-fault state, therefore the victim party is allowed to sue the party at fault for compensation after a car accident. In Maryland, personal injury protection is offered by insurance companies and the owners of the car can include it as part of their insurance policy. 

Maryland follows contributory negligence. This means if it is found by the court that even if there is one percent responsibility of a party for causing the car accident then such party will be unable to recover their compensation. 

Referrals of car accident lawyers in Maryland

Some referrals are mentioned below:

  1. Hochberg, Costello & Baron
  2. Engel Law Group, PC
  3. Whitelock Law, LLC
  4. Azari Law, LLC
  5. Bashman Law Offices

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