Best car accident lawyer in Las Vegas

Top 5 Best car accident lawyers in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is considered one of the most populated cities. Traffic accidents and traffic deaths are increasing day by day in this city. The number of traffic deaths is increasing at an alarming rate. Approximately 51664 traffic accidents were reported in the city of Las Vegas.  It is assumed that almost 61 crashes take place each day.  There are various causes of car accidents. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Intoxication
  • Speed driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Not following traffic rules
  • Vehicle defects

and many more. 

Accidents cause huge trauma to the people involved in the car accident. They experience not only damage to their property but also serious injuries. At certain times the serious injuries become permanent which eventually makes their life miserable. Some families even lose their loved ones to the accident.

In such times slimming insurance or filing lawsuits can be a very complicated task therefore one should definitely hire a lawyer if they face a car accident. 

Reasons for hiring a lawyer

If anyone, unfortunately, faces a car accident, they should definitely hire a lawyer. Not hiring a lawyer brings a lot of complications. Often the layman cannot understand the laws so well and make mistakes and they might lose their compensation money or might have to pay unreasonable compensation. 

Hiring a lawyer can help you in several ways 

. Some of them are stated below:

  • Negotiating the correct settlement amount
  • Filing a lawsuit at a correct time
  • Framing cases properly so that one can be benefited from that case
  • Claiming insurance from the insurance company
  • Getting proper medical coverage

Las Vegas and its law regarding car accidents

Las Vegas follows Nevada state laws. Therefore Las Vegas is a fault state. This denotes that the compensation will be paid by the party at fault which means who is responsible for causing the car accident. 

The victim party for cleaning the compensation can either file a claim from the party at fault Insurance Company or can file a personal injury lawsuit or can file a claim under one’s own individual Insurance Company if such damages are covered under the policy. 

Las Vegas operates under a comparative negligence rule. Therefore if one individual has suffered any losses due to a car accident they can recover from damage. However, if the victim party is also responsible for causing the car accident and has cost 50% or more than that injury then such victim party will not be able to recover damages. 

In Las Vegas, the persons involved in a car accident can claim the insurance, compensation, or file a lawsuit within two years from the date of the accident. If an individual delays in filing a lawsuit or claiming recovery money. 

Criteria for finding the best lawyers

  • Seek referrals from friends and families
  • Focus on reviews
  • Set up a budget and choose accordingly
  • Hire a lawyer which suits your purpose

Referrals of best car accident lawyers in Las Vegas

  1. Price & Beckstrom
  2. Adam S. Kutner, Accident & Injury Attorneys
  3. Aaron Law Group 
  4. Accident Attorneys of Southern Nevada
  5. Battle Born Injury Lawyers 

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