Best car accident lawyer in Houston

One of the largest cities in Texas is Houston with a massive population of 23 lakhs approximately. Car accidents are prone in Houston. It has been observed that with each passing year there has been a sharp increase in the traffic deaths in Houston.

Looking at this situation, the government has taken steps to construct the roads so that the fatal accidents might come to an end. However, the families who suffer car accidents not only endure injuries but also face damage to their vehicles. At times, they also come under legal problems and eventually look for good lawyers. This article states the best lawyers whom one can approach in case of a car accident.

When and why one should look for a lawyer in case of a car accident

There are various degrees of car accidents that take place. Starting from negligible damages to the car to irreparable damages. Now the question which arises is when should one hire a lawyer. The answer to this question is that in case of very minor injuries or damages to the car, where neither party suffers major injury there is no such requirement of hiring a lawyer. However, it is always up to the person’s discretion.

In case of major injuries, or irreparable damages, where the injury is to such an extent that one cannot lead a normal life again, then it is earnestly advised to hire a lawyer. Hiring a lawyer is beneficial in many ways. Some of the major benefits are:

  • Weightage to the case framed– If a lawyer is hired, then the case regarding the car accident will have much more weightage than without a lawyer. It is so because a lawyer knows the laws and can frame the case in such a way that will benefit the client.
  • Insurance benefits– In case of an accident, claiming insurance is one of the vital tasks. However, it is not an easy process. There a legal representative would come to help.
  • Compensation– Another vital task is compensation. Now, various factors are required to be looked upon in order to settle the compensation charges. In this regard, a lawyer is the only person who can make the client give or take the correct settlement charges.

Criteria for finding the best lawyer

Above, I have stated when and why one should hire a lawyer. Now the next question which arises is what are the criteria for finding the best lawyer. Some of the criteria are stated below:

  • Looking for referrals. The best way to find a good car accident lawyer is to know about the experience of any friend or family who has worked with a car accident lawyer. They can give an honest review of the lawyer, and, in this way, one might be able to find out whether such a lawyer will be beneficial or not.
  • Expertise– Another criterion is knowing what you are looking for. This means one must know in what area they want their lawyer’s expertise. For example, if one is only dealing with damages issues then they can consult lawyers who have expertise in that regard. If someone is under criminal charges then should opt for criminal lawyers.
  • Fees– Look for lawyers whose fees do not overpower the market value or one’s settlement charges. If the charge of a lawyer is more than settlement money then at the end of the day, one might not be on an advantage side.

Best car Accident Lawyers in Houston

Some of the referrals are mentioned below:

  1. Zehl & Associates, PC
  2. The Gonzalez Law Group
  3. Edward Law Group
  4. Leeds Law Firm
  5. Allen &Havens and etc.


Car accidents are increasing day by day in Houston. Besides taking precautions to avoid such accidents, one should also keep in hand the contacts of lawyers, in case, unfortunately, one has to experience a car accident. 

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