Best car accident lawyer in Fort Worth

Top 5 Best car accident lawyers in Fort Worth

Fort Worth is a densely populated city in Texas. Being congested in nature, thousands of car accidents occur in the city. Five thousand seven hundred ninety-four people were reportedly injured in car accidents. Almost 340 people were injured severely, and approximately 100 were killed in fatal accidents in Fort Worth. Car accidents cause massive damage to not only property but also to the persons in the car. Some families even lose their loved ones. Some experience permanent injury and lose employment. 

After a car accident, lots of things are required to be done. The foremost is claiming insurance, compensation money, and medical coverage, and the rest continues. At such times, hiring an attorney is considered to be the best decision. Let’s look further into the article to understand when and why we should hire a lawyer in case of a car accident.

Reasons for hiring a car accident lawyer 

After reading the above introduction, we have already got an idea of what can be the consequence of a car accident. The consequence of a car accident can range from minor injuries to severe and permanent ones. Now one may think about when to hire a lawyer. The answer is quite simple. One should hire a lawyer after a car accident regardless of the degree of injury. 

Negotiating a reasonable amount of settlement,  getting proper insurance benefits,  medical coverage, and adequate justice can only be achieved by hiring a lawyer.  

Fort Worth and its car accident laws

Fort Worth has both fault and at-fault insurance rules. Fort Worth is a city, and Texas follows Texas state loss regarding car accidents. In Fort Worth, any party who is responsible for causing the accident would have to pay the damages. Establishing fault is essential after a car accident in the 4th worth. 

If a case arises where more than one person has caused an accident, the fault is divided, and the compensation amount is allocated and divided between the responsible parties. The one who causes more significant damage will pay excellent compensation. 

Even if the victim has caused damages, they must also bear to pay the compensation amount in Fort Worth. This is also called the modified comparative negligence rule. However, it must be kept in mind that the victim party can see damages if it does not cross 50% of the blame. 

Damages available in 4th worth after a car accident are present and future medical expenses,  lost income,  property damage expenses,  pain and suffering expenses, etc. 

Fort Worth also follows the statute of limitations. Generally, the law of limitation is set from the date of the accident to 2 years in case of cleaning and recovering damages in case of claiming damages. 

Criteria for finding the best car accident lawyer in Fort Worth

Finding the best lawyer can be uphill, especially in a hurry. General observation shows that both the party at fault and the victim party do not have enough time to set and spend several days finding the best lawyer or law firms. So here, some of the criteria are mentioned to choose the best car accident lawyer in Fort worth.

  • Reference from friends and family is the best way to choose a lawyer because they give honest feedback. 
  • One can also look for reviews on Google to get proper research about the lawyer. 
  • Choosing a lawyer who fulfills your purpose is also essential, so proceed accordingly. 
  • Look that the charges of the lawyer do not exceed your compensation amount. 

Best car accident lawyers in Fort Worth

  1. Barrow law
  2. Berenson Injury Law
  3. Daspit Law Firm
  4. David Frisby PC
  5. Fears & Nachawati 

If a car driver ever has a significant injury, he is well aware of the physical, mental, and financial toll it may take. He might be entitled to monetary compensation if he were injured due to someone else’s negligence. Accidents are more than economic loss; they may have permanently altered one’s life.

Some Best Car Accident Law Firms In Fort Worth


Anderson Injury Lawyers is a personal injury law firm serving Fort Worth, clients. This local business comprises vehicle accident attorneys who are equally concerned about resolving matters involving physical injury, such as bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, work accidents, and so on.


Barrow Law is a practice that represents clients in vehicle accident matters throughout Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. It helps injured people get the required compensation for losses like wages, medical bills, future medical bills, and physical damage and disfigurement.


Brender Law Firm has offices in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas, and was established in 1973. It deals with car, truck, helicopter, and airplane accidents and personal injuries caused by these vehicles. The founder of the Brender Law Firm, Art Brender, was awarded NAACP’s Outstanding Service in the Field of Civil Rights.


Daspit Law Firm serves Fort Worth, locals. Its attorneys assist customers in obtaining fair compensation due to the negligence of others while driving. It deals with irresponsibility, like road rage and falling asleep behind the wheel. Founder John Daspit was involved in investigating the 2005 BP Texas City Refinery explosion.


Fulgham Hampton Law Group handles personal injury cases involving cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, pedestrians, and bicycles. It is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro region. The Fort Worth Magazine mentioned the partners of the firm as Top Attorneys. 


Hawkins & Walker, PC is a Fort Worth-based law practice. Its legal team also deals with family law and criminal defense cases. Andrew Hawkins, one of the firm’s lawyers, bases his legal theory on his client’s financial and emotional situations.


The Law Office of James M. Stanley provides legal assistance to the Fort Worth community. The firm’s attorneys defend clients in various car accident situations, including drunk driving, distracted driving, multi-vehicle crashes, and t-bone incidents.


The Law Offices of Barry Martines is a private practice law business that serves clients in and around the Fort Worth metro area. The firm represents people who have been wounded in car accidents. Barry Martines, the firm’s principal attorney, earned his Juris Doctor in 1984 and has represented injured people for more than 24 years.


If you, unfortunately, face a car accident, report it to the police, get medical treatment, and hire a lawyer.

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