Best car accident lawyer in Denver

Best car accident lawyer in Denver

Traffic deaths in Denver have reached an all-time high in the past years. It has been observed that with each passing year the percentage of traffic deaths is increasing in this city. An analysis shows that they are happy about 3453 traffic accidents in the city of Denver. Governments have been trying to incorporate various measures to prevent car accidents. Any form of accident causes huge damage and injuries.

It goes without saying that in a car accident both the person in the car and the car gets injured. At times injuries are to such an extent that they become permanent.  Some victims of car accidents cannot even lead their normal life again. It is the right of every victim to get their compensation, medical compensation,  insurance benefits, etc.  However,  complexity arises in these cases therefore it is advisable to hire a lawyer. 

When and why one should look for a lawyer in case of a car accident

As already stated above car accidents can cause various degrees of injuries.  Some injuries can be minor while others can become irreparable. Often people think that minor degrees of injury do not require hiring a lawyer. However, it is always advised that when one faces any car accident they should definitely hire a lawyer. In such cases where a party knows that the fault is theirs, they should definitely hire a lawyer. 

Hiring a lawyer has always proved to be beneficial.  They can help one to get a reasonable amount for the settlement,  can help them to get their insurance, and can also help them to get proper medical coverage. If required they can also litigate. 

Denver and its car accident laws

Denver follows Colorado state laws. Denver is a fault state which means it uses tort-based car insurance law.  Here the driver who is responsible for the car accident will have to use his or her insurance to pay the damages to the victim party.  Every vehicle operator in the state is required to have car insurance.  Owners of the car must purchase at least $25000 bodily injuries or death liability per person insurance, $50 000 per accident insurance, and $15 000 for property damage insurance. The victim party will seek compensation from the party at fault auto insurance policy.

In cases where the victim of a car accident has also contributed to his or her own injuries then such victim will receive a diminished recovery compensation. If it is found by the court that the injury caused by the victim party is 50% or more than that then such party will not receive anything for damages.

Denver follows the statute of limitations on car accident claims. Generally, a three-year statute of limitation is given on most civil claims. In case death is involved then the victim party must state the cause of action within 3 years of the date of the crash. 

Criteria for finding the best car accident lawyer in Denver

Here are some tips that one can follow to find the best lawyer. The tips are:

  • Asking for referrals from friends and families.
  • Google search and focus on the reviews.
  • Hire a lawyer who fits your purpose.
  • Hire a lawyer whose charge does not go beyond the compensation money.

Best car accident lawyers in Denver

  1. Mahoney Law Firm
  2. Tomazin Law group
  3. Mintz Law Firm
  4. Dan Caplis Law
  5. Schatten Law Firm

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