Best car accident lawyer in Dallas

Best car accident lawyer in Dallas

Dallas is one of the most congested cities in Texas, USA. It has been observed that the traffic deaths in Dallas are growing higher. It is observed that the roads of Dallas are extremely busy and thereby leading to major car accidents.  Car accidents are very unfortunate events. They cause huge damage to the vehicle as well as the person in it and his or her family. 

Victims of car accidents require huge medical compensation, they also need to claim insurance. However, there are several complications involved in climbing compensation and insurance. One can only get the correct benefit by hiring an attorney.  This article talks about how one can choose and when one should hire an attorney in case one faces a car accident. 

When and why one should look for a lawyer in case of a car accident

Car accidents range from negligible injuries to both the vehicle and the person to serious injuries to both the vehicle and the person. However, one should hire a lawyer in every case of a car accident.  It is so because the legal arena of claiming compensation or insurance money is very complicated. An attorney can only help in getting proper justice.  

There are several benefits of hiring a lawyer.  Some of them are

  • Brings weightage to the case
  • Helps in getting proper medical compensation
  • Helps in getting the correct amount of insurance
  • Helps in getting the compensation amount is also decided in a reasonable amount
  • Can litigate when required

Dallas’s  law regarding car accident

Damages available in Dallas for car accidents will include lost wages,  pain,  suffering, and more.  The determination of fault and liability in any car accident is very complicated and it depends upon various factors.  One of the main factors in which it is determined is how the circumstances have led to the car accident.  For example, if a car accident was caused by the negligence of both the parties then the compensation will be equally divided on the basis of comparative negligence law.

In Dallas, the modified comparative negligence law is followed. In general terms, it is meant that even if one is 50% responsible for the injuries we can still recover damages. However, the damages will be reduced depending on how much one was at fault. 

Recovering the losses from any car accident is easy if you are the one who is not at fault.  In case one is not at fault,  one can go to the court and recover for personal injuries and property damages with guidance from lawyers or even at times without them. However legal complexity arises if you are the one at fault. It is also advised that individuals should file a claim within 2 years from the date of the accident. Liability in case of a car accident will only occur if the parties are at fault. At such times it is best to take advice from the attorney and work accordingly.

Criteria for finding the best lawyer

The criteria for finding the best lawyer are:

  • Asking for referrals from friends and families who have prior experience working with a car accident lawyer.
  • Understanding what you want from the lawyer and thereby choosing accordingly.
  • Set up a budget by analyzing the market charges. Eventually, choose within it.

Best car accident lawyer in Dallas

  1. The Benton Law Firm
  2. Bober Law Firm
  3. Anderson Injury lawyer
  4. Cole Law
  5. Daspit Law Firm


It is firmly advised to hire a lawyer irrespective of the fact that the damages are minor or major or whether injuries are serious or not. An attorney can only help one to get the proper justice and rescue from the legal complications that may arise. 

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