Best car accident lawyer in Chicago

Best car accident Lawyer in Chicago

Car accidents in Chicago are observed to be very common. Statistics show that the deaths are at an alarming rate in Chicago.  accidents are very unfortunate events.  The causes of accidents in Chicago are stated to be negligent driving,  Rash driving,  intoxicated driving, etc. An accident causes not only damage to the car but also causes injuries to the person in the car. Victims of car accidents face huge medical bills,  serious damages to the car,  and at times irreparable damages to the car.

Victims of a car accident even at times suffer from injuries that are permanent and eventually lose their job. Victims of car accidents need to find a lawyer to frame the case in the best possible way. A lawyer can only help them to get the necessary benefits and proper justice. This article states the best car accident lawyers in Chicago.

When and why one should look for a lawyer in case of a car accident

There are various degrees of car accidents, some are having a negligible amount of injuries while some have serious injuries. People facing a negligible amount of injuries can still avoid hiring an attorney however it is still advisable to hire a lawyer.

People with serious injuries should definitely hire a lawyer because this will help them to frame their case in such a way that will benefit them. Parties at fault should also hire an attorney because they can guide them in claiming insurance money as well as rescue them from paying unreasonable amounts of compensation.

Chicago and its car accident laws

There are certain assumptions of amounts that one needs to pay in regard to the category of injury. The categories are:

  • In case of fatal injury, the amount is estimated to be $1,828,212
  • In case of disabling injury, the amount is estimated to be $163,533
  • In case of evident injury, the amount is estimated to be $ 61,514
  • In case of possible injury, the amount is estimated to be $41,696
  • In the case of only property damage, the amount is estimated to be $9,422

Laws in Chicago require the driver to have auto insurance for their own protection as well as for the protection of others on the road.  However, the majority of the drivers do not carry any auto insurance; this is in violation of the law. 

In cases where one is hit by an uninsured motorist, then we have to submit an accident report to the concerned authority and inform them that the driver at fault was uninsured and ask the case to be forwarded to the secretary of state for suspension under the safety and financial responsibility law. One can also hire an attorney and take their guidance.

Criteria for finding the best lawyer

Criteria for finding the best lawyer are doing proper research about the lawyer before hiring him.  One should definitely ask for references from friends and family in case they have worked with any car accident lawyer.  One should also hire such lawyer who is an expert in the field where the party wants to get relief.

Best car accident lawyer in Chicago  

  1. Schwaner Injury Law
  2. Shammas Law Office
  3. Clifford Law offices
  4. Blumenshine Law Group
  5. Budin Law offices


Getting the right compensation or giving the right compensation is not an easy cup of tea, therefore, hiring an attorney is the best decision. There are also various difficulties in claiming insurance,  so one should definitely hire a lawyer in case they, unfortunately, face any car accident. 

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