Best car accident lawyer in Anaheim

Best car accident lawyer in Anaheim

The number of traffic accidents in Anaheim is quite high. Approximately 5004 traffic accidents take place in the city of Anaheim. Despite the efforts of the government, traffic accidents are not declining.

Almost 43% have serious injuries due to car accidents. Damages to property and injury to life are the consequences of a car accident. Claiming insurance, compensation money, and dealing with medical bills is quite a strenuous task and complicated. Parties involved in accidents at such times do not understand what should their next step be. Therefore the best decision at such time is to consult a lawyer and hire him or her. 

When one should hire an attorney

Car accidents are of various degrees. Some have negligible damage or cause minor injuries whereas some have major damage and serious injuries. Some even lose life in car accidents or bear permanent damage to any body part eventually not being able to leave the normal life back again.

Now the question arises of when one should hire a lawyer. Is it actually necessary to hire a lawyer? The answer to the questions is that in case one, unfortunately, experiences a car accident, they should hire a lawyer regardless of the fact that the damage is major or minor.

Anaheim and its car accident laws

Anaheim follows California state laws regarding car accidents. Anaheim follows a fault insurance system. This denotes that the party who is not at fault can sue the party at fault for compensation, medical expenditure, and other damages. In case one is suing a third party in an at-fault state the plaintiff has a negligible amount of restrictions. In a fault state, the victim party has to prove that the other party was responsible for the injuries caused before the insurance company.

A fault insurance state has three different options for recovering compensations regarding injuries. The first is to claim the compensation from one’s individual Insurance Company, the second is claiming through the insurance company of the party at fault, and the third is filing a personal injury lawsuit against the party who is responsible for causing the accident.

In such cases where the insurance coverage is not enough to pay the compensation amount, then one has to use their own insurance coverage or turn to personal injury protection or hens insurance or file a personal injury claim

Criteria for finding the best car accident lawyer

Generally, parties involved in a car accident do not have a lot of time in hand in choosing the car accident lawyer. Therefore certain tips and tricks are mentioned here which might guide you in choosing the best car accident lawyer in Anaheim.

If you have the advantage of asking for referrals from friends and families who have prior knowledge or experience of working with a car accident lawyer then on the basis of their experience or knowledge you can conduct research of your own and choose the lawyer accordingly.

In case you don’t have such an advantage then you need not worry, the internet is now at almost everyone’s home so use it to do extensive Google research and focus on the reviews given by people and proceed to choose the lawyer accordingly.

While choosing the lawyer also keep in mind in which field you want the expertise of the lawyer and choose in that regard. Also, choose a lawyer whose charges do not overpower the compensation amount.

Best car accident lawyers in Anaheim

  1. Dial & Associates PC
  2. Glotzer & Leib LLP 
  3.  Law Office of Gary A. Peterson
  4. Niral Patel Injury Law 
  5. OCLA Lawyer 

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